Never Ever Land



956 Madison Ave NY NY 10021


Adam had been in a sustained meditative state between sleep and awake for a total of:







In a groundbreaking artistic endeavor, Adam Himebauch stages a 30-day live performance art piece at Ceysson & Bénétière gallery. This avant-garde exploration challenges traditional norms by propelling the artist into a sustained state of immersive creativity. Himebauch's choice to inhabit the gallery, reclined upon a monumental altar-like platform surrounded by his own paintings and collages, marks a paradigm shift in the realm of long-term performance art. The carefully orchestrated visual narrative invokes profound themes of mortality, entombment, sacrifice, and monumentality, transcending conventional artistic boundaries. Significantly, the scale and appearance of the platform, which is evocative of a large mattress, adds a layer of intimacy that blurs the lines between the sacred and the deeply personal. The truly avant-garde nature of this performance extends to the groundbreaking live-streaming element, providing an unparalleled window into the artist's most vulnerable and private state. This continuous and unrestricted broadcast, facilitated through a dedicated website, redefines the relationship between artist and audience, elevating Himebauch's work to the forefront of contemporary artistic innovation. In an era dominated by fleeting digital experiences, Himebauch's long-term performance piece stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustained artistic expression within the prestigious walls of the gallery. -Francesca Pessarelli


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Adam sleeping? 

Yes and no. Adam occupies a unique state, straddling the threshold between wakefulness and slumber, as a seasoned devotee of prolonged meditation. In this liminal space, his corporeal form remains, yet his consciousness transcends conventional states of awareness, dwelling in the interstitial realm betwixt sleep and wakefulness.

What is meditation? 

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing your mind and eliminating distractions to achieve a state of mental clarity, relaxation, and heightened awareness. It typically involves sitting quietly and paying attention to your breath, bodily sensations, or a specific object or thought. Through regular practice, meditation can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and promote overall well-being.

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is the practice of separating one's consciousness or soul from the physical body and traveling in a non-physical form to other realms or dimensions. It involves a state of deep relaxation, heightened awareness, and a deliberate shift in consciousness. Astral projection offers opportunities for exploration, spiritual growth, and accessing higher states of consciousness beyond the physical realm.

Is Adam safe?

Rest assured, Adam's safety is paramount. He is under the diligent care of leading endurance performance specialists, ensuring his well-being throughout the entirety of the Never Ever Land 30-day static art installation. His nutritional regimen and physical training protocol have been meticulously customized to confront the unique demands of this immersive artistic endeavor.

Does Adam leave the gallery? 

Adam shall remain within the gallery confines until the culmination of the performance piece.

Can I visit Adam? 

Yes! The public is encouraged to visit the artist during regular gallery hours. Tuesday through Saturday from 12-6pm. The gallery is located at 956 Madison Ave NY NY 10021. If you are unable to visit in person, you can view Adam 24/7 on the livestream above. 

What is Project Dream? 

Project Dream serves as a rolodex of Adam's myriad influences, encapsulating the artist's conviction that creativity emanates from the vast reservoir of experiences accumulated over one's lifetime.

Does Adam eat or drink?

Adam does not eat or drink while in residence.

Can I rewind the livestream? 

Given the live nature of the broadcast, direct interaction is presently unavailable. Yet, one may peruse the artist's social media platforms, @adamhimebauchllc, for curated highlights and noteworthy moments from the livestream that may have been overlooked.

Where is Never Ever Land?

Never Ever Land transcends mere geographical confines; rather, it epitomizes a cognitive and imaginative odyssey—a trajectory of creative exploration. It symbolizes the unfurling of human potential and the audacity required to venture into uncharted realms. Notably, its essence diverges entirely from any association with Peter Pan.

What is art?

Art is anything you can get away with.

"Create whatever you want!" - Adam Himebauch